The Permian Basin Regional Planning Commission was founded for purposes of solving area-wide problems through promoting intergovernmental cooperation and coordination, conducting comprehensive regional planning, and providing a forum for the study and resolution of area-wide problems.

Through PBRPC, individual governments may combine their resources and talents to meet challenges beyond their individual capabilities. By fostering intergovern-mental cooperation and coordination and by carrying on regional planning, PBRPC both compliments and supplements government without infringing on local home rule.

Permian Basin Regional Planning Commission
Midland International Air and Space Port
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Kari's Law
Kari's Law
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Permian Basin Regional Planning Commission
Regional Review Committee (RRC)

(Download the guidebook below)
2017 - 2018 TxCDBG Program Guidebook
The Permian Basin Economic Development District
has completed the
Comprehensive Economic Development
Strategy (CEDS) Report for the
Permian Basin for 2015-2020.

This economic roadmap will help diversify
and strengthen our regional economy.

Feel free to download our report here.

For more detailed regional stats,
visit www.pbceds.com.
Pipeline Safety Information

Pipeline Safety Information