Educating the Region’s Peace Officers

The Permian Basin Regional Planning Commission’s (PBRPC) Law Enforcement Academy (PBLEA) is a division of the Criminal Justice Department of the PBRPC, which is funded by the Criminal Justice Division of the Governor’s Office of the State of Texas. The PBRPC has been licensed to operate our regional law enforcement academy for over 50 years 

Our goal is to provide training to law enforcement personnel and jailers to maintain licensing requirements and improve their expertise through Peace Officer Courses and County Corrections Courses. This training effort enhances our professionals’ abilities to perform their jobs.

PBLEA works with Police Chiefs and Sheriffs in our region to continually plan the enrollment of their employed or sponsored recruits in upcoming academies. All of our recruits are either employed or sponsored by a law enforcement agency within the region and will immediately serve as active peace officers on patrol after the academy.

Although the licensing agency’s name has changed through the years, our current license is with the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE).

Anyone interested in attending the Academy should contact their local Permian Basin Law Enforcement agency. Please review the minimum standards for enrollment in our Academy and the training information. It is suggested that you also visit the Texas Occupational Code 1701 for Law Enforcement Officers.

Criminal Justice Program

The Permian Basin Regional Planning Commission’s (PBRPC) Criminal Justice Program (CJD) assists local governments and nonprofit entities with the development of programs and projects designed to address specific crime-related community problems.

The program also coordinates the grant application review and priority process required by the Criminal Justice Division (CJD) of the Governor's Office, CJD is responsible for developing guidelines and rules, monitors grant program operations and fiscal compliance, and administers the grants awarded by the Governor.

At the regional level, PBRPC's Criminal Justice Advisory Committee (CJAC) is responsible for reviewing and setting priorities for all criminal justice applications. The Committee comprises nonprofit, mental health, juvenile justice, law enforcement, victims services education, prosecution/courts, drug abuse/prevention agencies, and concerned citizens.

Criminal Justice Contact Information

Dana Hill, Criminal Justice Program Director
(432) 563-1061

Criminal Justice Advisory Committee Members (PDF)

PBRPC 2020-21 Regional Criminal Justice Plan

The Regional Strategic Plan is the vision and priorities established by stakeholders of the 17-county Permian Basin Region. Its purpose is to identify gaps in services regarding criminal justice issues, victim’s issues, juvenile issues, and mental health/substance abuse issues. The Criminal Justice Division of the Governor’s Office (CJD) requires that Strategic Plans be developed and maintained by counties and regions throughout Texas.

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