Recreation in the Permian Basin

Midland is the hub of our region where you can find concert venues drawing big-name artists, Centennial Park, museums, large retail, unique mom-and-pop shops, and dining options galore. The region has some fantastic Farmer's Markets in Odessa and Downtown Midland. Then, there are Stanton’s Old Sorehead Trade Days to look forward to twice a year. There is so much to explore. Each town, city, and county has something to offer.

Outdoor recreationists have plenty to enjoy in the Permian Basin. The sandhills of Monahans are a sight to behold, especially at sunset. The region boasts state parks and miles of biking trails. Our wide-open spaces are perfect for hunting, hiking, and ATV recreation, and even urban Midland has the I-20 Wildlife Preserve (“The Duck Park”) with 100 acres of wildland and an 86-acre urban playa lake.


Haley Library Annual Southwest Impressionist Art Show Photo

Haley Library Annual Southwest Impressionist Art Show

Old Sorehead Trade Days Photo

Old Sorehead Trade Days

Parade of Lights Photo

Parade of Lights


Farmer's Markets

Midland Downtown Farmers Market Photo

Midland Downtown Farmers Market

Moonlight Market at MCH Photo

Moonlight Market at MCH

Parks Legado Farmers Market Photo

Parks Legado Farmers Market



Centennial Park Photo

Centennial Park

I-20 Wildlife Preserve Photo

I-20 Wildlife Preserve

Playa Lake Photo

Playa Lake


State Parks

Balmorhea State Park Photo

Balmorhea State Park

Big Spring State Park Photo

Big Spring State Park

Monahans Sandhills State Park Photo

Monahans Sandhills State Park


Wetlands park in Andrews, Texas