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Permian Basin Damage Prevention Council - Northwest Region 

The Permian Basin Damage Prevention Council's mission is to communicate and facilitate underground pipeline damage prevention by promoting education, public safety, and environmental protection to all affected stakeholders.

The Permian Basin Damage Prevention Council is a chapter of the Northwest Region of a statewide network called the Damage Prevention Councils of Texas (DPCs). These councils are made up of construction contractors, utility operators, oil and gas pipeline operators, state and local government agencies, utility locators, engineering firms, and other associated industry stakeholders. The Texas811 staff serves as a liaison to regional DPCs that meet regularly throughout the State of Texas. DPC meetings provide an ideal forum where stakeholders can share information and perspectives, and then work together on all aspects of damage prevention issues.

We encourage you to attend your local DPC meetings. We also invite you to contact your local Permian Basin DPC representatives with any pipeline safety or damage prevention questions or issues.

Permian Basin Damage Prevention Council Leadership

Damage Prevention Manager
Ketha Molina, Northwest Region
(432) 209-9482

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