Permian Basin: Big Sky, Big Amenities

Our “corner” of the Permian Basin in Northwest Texas is made up of 17 diverse counties connected under one big sky that delivers breathtaking sunsets and sunrises. Depending on where you settle, city-living or rural bliss is yours to enjoy in the Permian Basin. Urban Midland and Odessa are located in counties that have close to 170,000 residents each, while in Borden County, 64 call it home. But no matter the size of the town, the Permian Basin has that quintessential small-town feel because of our Texas sense of community. The Permian Basin is home to kind, loyal, hard-working “get it done” people who have never met a stranger. With our more affordable housing, internet connectivity, and robust region-wide services, the perfect home is yours for the choosing.

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