PBRPC Assists Homeland Security Department in Permian Basin

16 Mar 2023

Announcements, Economic Development

The Texas’ Permian Basin Regional Planning Commission (PBRPC) coordinates several vital programs in the region, including the Homeland Security Department. The PBRPC’s Homeland Security Department serves our region by providing information and help to local government members, in the form of planning and implementation of programs in the department. Information on the Homeland Security training resources are also available on the PBRPC’s website!

PBRPC’s Homeland Security Department Serves the Region

The PBRPC assists the Homeland Security Department in the Permian Basin by providing an integrated approach to regional planning efforts in the area. The PBRPC works with several other county, state, and national government entities to ensure that the best information, resources, and planning are put in before the implementation of these programs. Click here to learn more about how the PBRPC is helping the Homeland Security Department here in the Permian Basin today!

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