PBRPC’s 9-1-1 Emergency Services Are Keeping Texas Safe!

23 Feb 2023

Announcements, Economic Development

The Permian Basin Regional Planning Commission (PBRPC) aims to ensure that Texas has the most reliable and responsive 9-1-1 Emergency Communications Department. The PBRPC is an intergovernmental commission responsible for several important programs and agencies, including the ever-important 9-1-1 System in these areas.

You Can Rely on Our 9-1-1 Services Here in Texas!

The PBRPC 9-1-1 Emergency Communications provides equipment, networking, and the IP-enabled Next Generation 9-1-1 System. Our PBRPC 9-1-1 call system delivers the most accurate location data with our Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs). These services ensure that all people in our 14-county region have access to a fast and reliable 9-1-1 system, which ensures the quickest response times! Click here to learn more about the PBRPC and how we are ensuring that our 9-1-1 services are reliable, accurate, and proactive to change!

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