Empowering Progress: Permian Basin Regional Planning Commission's 2023 Milestones

Empowering Progress: Permian Basin Regional Planning Commission's 2023 Milestones Main Photo

4 Mar 2024

As we bid farewell to the transformative year of 2023, the Permian Basin Regional Planning Commission stands as a beacon of progress, showcasing its unwavering commitment to economic and community development across the expansive 17-county planning area. Let's explore the key achievements of the strategic plan, focusing on four central departments: Regional Services, Area Agency on Aging (AAA), Criminal Justice and Homeland Security, and 9-1-1 Emergency Communications.

Regional Services Department: Catalyzing Economic Growth

The Regional Services Department spearheaded initiatives driving positive economic growth in line with the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy. Throughout 2023, the team was pivotal in coordinating Economic Development Administration (EDA) regional programs. Their active promotion of EDA funding initiatives was noteworthy, providing crucial technical assistance to 17 county chief elected officials, 28 city managers, 28 mayors, three community colleges, two universities, and 12 economic development officials.

Supporting Economically Distressed Communities

This year, the team demonstrated a robust commitment to economically distressed communities. The Regional Services Department offered ongoing technical assistance, identified available community development funding, and advocated for programs supporting infrastructure projects and economic development activities. Their dedication resulted in successful industry recruitment projects, including the funded Big Spring project.

Transportation Planning and Coordination: Prioritizing Connectivity

Critical meetings for the Permian Basin Regional Transportation Planning Organization and the Regional Coordinated Transportation Planning ensured seamless communication and collaboration. Active involvement in TxDOT regional freight planning committees underscored the commitment to prioritizing transportation planning.

Regional Coordinated Transportation Plan (RCTP)

The success of the RCTP for FY 22-23 was marked by stakeholder engagement and meaningful discussions. With initiatives enhancing the public transportation system, the RCTP exceeded all program objectives. Looking ahead, the department will continue to seek opportunities for planning for projects dedicated to reducing the accident and fatality rates in our region.

Area Agency on Aging (AAA): Empowering Older Texans

The AAA was vital in empowering older adults and family caregivers through AAA Programs. Prioritizing those with the greatest economic and social need, the AAA established crucial relationships with stakeholders, catalyzing the West Texas Conference on Aging and partnering with entities like Texas A&M AgriLife Extension.

Benefits Assistance and Support Service Impact

With a focus on public entitlements, health care, and housing, the AAA aided clients in reviewing and enrolling in benefits, conducting legal awareness outreach activities, and disseminating accurate information. The AAA provided benefits counseling to 285 clients; support services included transportation, emergency response, income support, personal assistance, residential repair, caregiver support and case management.

  • 150 clients $65,565 total Income Support services.
  • 77 clients with residential repairs totaling $340,110.
  • 163 clients Transportation services totaling $127,431.
  • 1,277 hours of personal assistance to 15 clients, totaling $25,374.
  • 177 clients with Health Maintenance supplies totaling $58,850.
  • 90 Caregiver Support groups for 438 clients totaling $63,403.
  • 93 Caregiver Information events to an estimated audience of 3,949 totaling $21,849.
  • 1,245 hours of case management services to 397 clients, totaling $181,918.
  • 2,696 community members attended outreach and awareness events.
  • 92,764 congregate meals and 200,762 home delivered meals, providing $1,409,407 in funding support.

Criminal Justice and Homeland Security: Ensuring Professional Excellence

The Criminal Justice and Homeland Security Division, through the Law Enforcement Academy, ensured the provision of primary and in-service training to local peace officers. Meeting and surpassing planned performance for 2022-2023, the Division remains committed to excellence, with projected measures for 2023-2024 outlined for continued success.

Comprehensive Training Initiatives

Throughout 2023, the Criminal Justice Division provided Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Training including two basic peace officer classes, four county correction courses totaling 32,418 hours; and approximately 68,000 hours for in-service training. Also, 215 law enforcement officers received crucial mental health training through 21 courses throughout the region. This initiative reflects the Division's proactive approach to addressing law enforcement's evolving needs in handling complex mental health situations.

Diverse Training Offerings for a Robust Force

In addition to foundational training, the Division expanded its horizon by providing specialized courses. Notably, 132 law enforcement officers underwent training in Cultural Diversity, Special Investigative Topics, Advanced Human Trafficking, and Victims of Crime. These courses underscore the Division's commitment to equipping officers with the knowledge and skills needed for diverse and challenging scenarios they may encounter in the line of duty.

Enhancing Public Safety: 9-1-1 Emergency Communications Department is Achieving that Goal

The department has provided ongoing technical assistance to eleven PSAPS (public safety answering points) to maximize capacity and services in their respective service areas. Our strategic planning and implementation efforts have included:

  • Transitioning these PSAPS to fiber networks.
  • Replacing copper T1 lines.
  • Continuously updating area addresses and mapping.

Additionally, the team has diligently monitored and evaluated the reliability of these networks, ensuring that necessary equipment is replaced and upgraded to manage the increasing workloads efficiently. Under our oversight, the PSAPS have responded to an impressive 156,375 911 landline and wireless calls and 3,631 text messages.

The Permian Basin Regional Planning Commission Is Ready To Take On 2024

As we close the chapter on 2023, the Permian Basin Regional Planning Commission stands resolute in its mission to catalyze economic growth, community development, and sustainable progress across its vibrant 17-county region. The stage is set for a promising 2024, where the Commission remains dedicated to fostering networks, supporting infrastructure, and fortifying regional resilience.

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