Be a Part of Regional Transportation Planning in the Permian Basin

Be a Part of Regional Transportation Planning in the Permian Basin Main Photo

9 Jun 2023


The Permian Basin Regional Planning Commission (PBRPC) invites you to join the Regionally Coordinated Transportation Planning (RCTP) group! At the PBRPC, we are always looking to expand the RCTP group with providers and stakeholders of the Permian Basin area.

What is the Regionally Coordinated Transportation Planning Group?

The state of Texas consists of 24 designated planning regions, each responsible for developing and implementing a unique regional transportation plan. One agency in each planning region is selected to serve as the lead agency in their region’s RCTP group. This lead agency is then responsible for receiving and safeguarding regional planning funds from TxDOT-PTN, plus managing, monitoring, and updating the plan. 

The Permian Basin-area RCTP group is a partnership between the PBRPC, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), and the transportation providers in the region including EZ-Rider, TRAX, and more. The PBRPC acts as the lead agency of the group with support from TxDOT. Permian Basin is Region 9 of the RCTP and consists of 17 counties: Andrews, Borden, Crane, Dawson, Ector, Gaines, Glasscock, Howard, Loving, Martin, Midland, Pecos, Reeves, Terrell, Upton, Ward, and Winkler.

The overall goal of the region’s RCTP group is to solve transportation problems throughout the Permian Basin area. The group meets on the last Friday of every other month, with the next meeting falling on June 30th.

During each meeting, group members discuss how to help improve transportation in the region. By bouncing ideas off of each other, the agencies come up with ways to not only enhance regional transportation, but also to help each other in the process. The meetings thus far have served as a useful place to begin talks between agencies on different ideas. 

Permian Basin RCTP — Partnering to Solve West Texas Transportation Challenges Together

The Permian Basin RCTP committee meets to identify the transportation challenges that individuals with disabilities, individuals 65 and older, people with low incomes, veterans, and children may face daily. Its members develop a metric for each identified gap in transportation service noted in the regional transportation plan, then work together to fill these gaps for the Permian Basin community. The metrics are used to measure the extent to which each priority was met and the data is reported to TxDOT-PTN to pinpoint common themes and trends that have been occurring in the Texas planning regions. Read the Permian Basin Five-Year Regionally Coordinated Transportation Plan for 2021 through 2026 for more details!

All meetings are held at the PBRPC office located at 2910 La Force Blvd. Midland, TX, 79706. Get directions here! Interested parties are encouraged to contact Hridoy Haq at (432) 262-4928 or Miranda Boler at for more information.

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